Activities of the Territorial Circle of the Meghalaya Forest Department

At the time of the creation of the new state of Meghalaya, the State Forest Department consisted of the territorial circle only. Slowly and slowly the department expanded by creation of other functional circles viz. Wild Life Circle , Social Forestry & Environment Circle and Research & Training Circles. Presently the territorial circle consists of three Divisions namely the Khasi Hills Territorial Division, Jaintia Hills Territorial Division and the Garo Hills Territorial Division having their headquarters at Shillong, Jowai and Tura respectively. Jurisdiction of the Khasi Hills Territorial Division extends to the entire area comprised in the East Khasi Hills District, West Khasi Hills District and Ri-Bhoi District. Similarly, territorial jurisdiction of the Garo Hills Territorial Division extends to the entire area comprised in the West Garo Hills District, East Garo Hills District and South Garo Hills District. Territorial jurisdiction of the Jaintia Hills Territorial Division extend to the are comprised in the Jaintia Hills District only. Main activities of the Territorial circle are as below :

Main Activities

  1. Protection, management including raising of plantations in the blank patches and improvement of Reserved Forests, Proposed Reserved Forests, Protected Forests & Green Blocks etc. as per the details given in the Annexure-I.
  2. Regulation of establishment and working of wood based industrial units viz. saw mills, veneer mills, plywood mills etc. within the State.
  3. Regulation and control of both intra-State as well as inter-State transit and movement of forest produce through a network of Following Forest Check Gates as per the details given in the Annexure-II.
  4. Regulation of extraction and movement of minor minerals within the State and collection of royalty thereon.
  5. Regulation of diversion of forest land for non forestry purposes as per the provisions of the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 as amended from time to time.

  6. Upkeep and maintenance of various parks and Gardens located in different parts of the State.
  7. Providing technical guidance to various district level authorities on the matter related to forestry and ancillary and incidental thereto.


Area under the Direct Administrative Control of the Territorial Wing of the
Meghalaya State Forest Department

Reserved Forests
Serial Number Name of Reserved Forest Area (Sq. km.)
1 Saipung Reserved Forest 150.35
2 Narpuh Reserved Forest Block-I 62.42
3 Narpuh Reserved Forest Block-II 98.68
4 Riat Khwan Reserved Forest 3.91
5 Shyrwat Reserved Forest 0.44
6 Riat Laban Reserved Forest 3.05
7 Nongkhyllem Reserved Forest (excluding an area of 29 notified as Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary) 96.91
8 Unsaw Reserved Forest 0.44
9 Chimabongshi Reserved Forest 23.28
10 Dhima Reserved Forest 20.72
11 Rajasimla Reserved Forest 18.13
12 Dilma Reserved Forest 2.59
13 Ildek Reserved Forest 2.59
14 Darugiri Reserved Forest 10.36
15 Rongrengiri Reserved Forest 36.26
16 Dambu Reserved Forest 18.13
17 Songsak Reserved Forest 23.31
18 Dibru Hills Reserved Forest 15.02
19 Tura Peak Reserved Forest 4.19
20 Baghmara Reserved Forest (excluding an area of 0.02 notified as Baghmara Pitcher Plant Sanctuary) 43.89
21 Angratoli Reserved Forest 30.11
22 Rewak Reserved Forest 6.47
23 Emangiri Reserved Forest 8.29
24 Nongumiang Reserved Forest 0.31
  Total Area of Reserved Forests 678.26
Proposed Reserved Forests
Serial Number Name of Proposed Reserved Forest Area (Sq. km.)
1 Gittingiri Proposed Reserved Forest 2.40
  Total Area of Proposed Reserved Forests 2.40
Protected Forests & Green Blocks
Serial Number Name of Protected Forests and Green Blocks Area (Sq. km.)
1 Upper Shillong Protected Forests 7.66
2 Short Round Protected Forests 1.13
3 Laitkor Protected Forests 3.25
4 Umkhuti Protected Forests 0.14
5 Green Block No. 2 0.21
  Total Area of Protected Forests & Green Blocks 12.39


List of Notified Check Gates Under the Territorial Wing of the
Meghalaya State Forest Department

  1. Khasi Hills Division Territorial Division, Shillong
    1. Mawsynram Check gate, Mawsynram
    2. Cherrapunjee Check gate, Cherrapunjee
    3. Seventh (7th) Mile Check gate, Shillong
    4. Bholaganj Check gate-cum-Sub-Beat, Bholaganj
    5. Umsaw Check gate, Umsaw
    6. Morok Check gate, Morok
    7. Twenty ninth (29th) Mile Check gate, Nongpoh
    8. Thirty Third (33rd)Mile Check gate, Nongpoh
    9. Umling Check gate, Umling
    10. Byrnihat Check gate, Byrnihat
    11. Khanapara Check gate, Khanapara
    12. Sukulbaria Check gate, Sukulbaria
    13. Athiabari Check gate, Athiabari
    14. Umtyrnga Check gate, Umtyrnga
    15. Umsiang Check gate, Umsiang
    16. Barapathar Check gate, Barapathar
    17. Maikhuli Check gate, Maikhuli
    18. Belahiri Check gate, Belahiri
    19. Riat khwan Forest Check gate, Mawlai
    20. Umtasor Check gate, Umtasor
    21. Kyrdemkulai Check gate, Kyrdemkulai
  2. Jaintia Hills Division Territorial Division, Jowai
    1. Umkiang Check gate
    2. Saphai Check gate
    3. Saitsama Check gate
  3. Garo Hills Division Territorial Division, Tura
    1. Mandalgitok Check gate
    2. Williamnagar Check gate
    3. Khera Check gate
    4. Samanda Check gate
    5. Gasuapara Check gate
    6. Mahendraganj Check gate
    7. Chikama Check gate
    8. Songkama Check gate
    9. Rongjeng Check gate