Forest Resources Survey Division

As the name of the Offices goes "The Forest Resources Survey Division" so also the task entrusted to this Office are mainly the exploration and Mapping of Natural Resources with special reference to economic importance and Forestry Oriented in the State of Meghalaya having the population 23,06,069 of pluralistic communities, covering the geographical area 22,429 sq kms with appreciably forest cover of 75.08% (ref. I.F.S. Report 2003).

The Division is implementing a solitary State Plan Scheme under 2006-2001 Forestry and Wildlife 005 (01) Survey of Forest Resources etc with the aim and objectives of Mapping and Inventorised the natural resources of State for utilization in planning focusing toward scientific management and exploitation for the ultimate object of sustain yield. Presently, the attention of this Office is being engaged on the much publicized reports through printed as well as electronic media on the gregarious flowering of Bamboo and its after effect on the food grain and threat posed to the survival/ livelihood of the rural communities in the North Eastern Region by recalling the bitter experience of Mizoram in last few decades. Attempts are being made to investigate into the flowering of the species and to recommend the corrective measures to overcome if such situation of natural calamities arise at any point of time.

The break-up of annual activities of this Division are noted below :


Survey of Medicinal Plants in the District of East, North Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills followed by bamboo and cane in Jaintia Hills.


Continuation of Survey & Mapping of bamboo and cane in the District of East and West Khasi Hills.


  1. Mapping of bamboo and cane in East, West and South Garo Hills Districts.
  2. Collection of data and utilization of major and minor forest produces in the exit points (Forest Check gates) of the State.
  3. Mapping of bamboo and cane exclusively inside the Government Reserved Forests viz. Narpuh Block I & II, Saipung and Nongkhyllem of Khasi & Jaintia Hills Districts.


Taking into account the power crisis in the State and the factors responsible due to unscientific/ unmanaged of catchment areas/ watershed, there is no dispute that the catchment area of river valley played the vital role for continuous flow of water into the dam in sustain manner. The Barapani Dam stand as a living evidence that reportedly reduced its life span due to unabated siltation etc. Considering the unpredicted fate of Hydel Electric Projects, a scheme with limited Budgetary Allocation of Rs. 1.5 lakhs against the estimate amount of Rs. 4,52,000/- was formulated toward the Survey of Status of catchment area of Myntdu Leshka Hydel Electric Project during 2006-2007, subsequently offer appropriate proposal for scientific treatment.

It may not be out of place, to mention herein that in addition to the normal duty the service of this Division is being utilized by the Department for any kind of survey works viz. Balpakram National Park proposed zoo at Umtrew, Umkiang Reserve Forest etc.