Training Division

The main function and responsibility of the Office of the Divisional Forest Officer, Training Division, Shillong, is the supervision and control of the Forest Guard Training School located at Darugiri, East Garo Hills District. The Training School started functioning w.e.f. May/ 1994 and its duty is to impart basic training course in Forestry and allied subjects to the Forest subordinates (Frs and Fgds).

The Foresters and Forest guards after joining their service in the Department are required to attend a one year basic training course in the above Training School in order to equip them with knowledge and skill to carry out the field works undertaken by the Forester Forest guards of the Department.

The year wise numbers of Foresters and Forest guards who were trained in the above Training School right from the year of inception are as follows :

Year Number of Forest guards Number of Forester I
1994-1995 19 --
1995-1996 15 --
1996-1997 15 9
1997-1998 15 8
1998-1999 15 9
1999-2000 15 9
2000-2001 15 9
2001-2002 15 10
2002-2003 14 7
2003-2004 13 6
2004-2005 11 5
2005-2006 11 11

Besides the above training, the Training Division conducts specialized short training courses to other categories of executive and ministerial staff of the Department, such as Foresters, Deputy Foresters, Accountant/ UDA etc periodically Foresters and Forest guards to update their knowledge and skill.

Executive and ministerial staff of the Department Staff of the Forest Department, Meghalaya