Animal Census of Major Species

The State of Meghalaya is endowed with a rich variety of biodiversity form. However, the census exercise has been limited to the two flag-ship species of the State viz elephant and tiger. The census of elephant is carried out at a three year interval under the Project Elephant scheme. During the year 2002 the total elephant population over the entire State of Meghalaya was recorded to be 1868. During the year 2005 the total population estimate carried out only in the Elephant Reserves area showed a population of 1425 number of elephants. It is significant to note that during both the census which was carried out, there were a sizeable number of tuskers (218 in 2002 and 179 in 2005) which reveals the status of protection given to the elephant population in the State.

The State of Meghalaya does not have any Project Tiger Reserve or area. Tiger is available in the State like any other feline species and no special protection measure is afforded to this important species. The total tiger estimation carried out in the year 2002 showed a total number of 47 tigers.

There has been no census of any other animal carried out in the State so far.