Elephant Reserve

The State of Meghalaya has a sizeable number of elephant populations. These are not contained within the Protected Area network which are under the direct control of the State Government. A significant population of elephants resides outside the Protected Area network. The elephant because of their long ranging movement, need for shelter and food requirement, move from one block of forest to another which lie in fragmented form. The area outside the Protected Area network is interspersed with human habitation. It was therefore considered essential to define a management unit which acknowledges presence of human being along with the elephant, prescribing management practice synergizing the need of both the components. The thrust of management in such areas is eco-development works to improve economic status of human being, anti depredation activities to reduce man animal conflict and habitat improvement programme to divert the movement of elephants.

One such Elephant Reserves in the Garo Hills region under the Centrally Sector Scheme of Project Elephant has already been notified vide Government of Meghalaya Notification Number 132/ 2000/ 97 dated 31st October 2001 measuring a total area of 3500 sq kms approximately. A similar proposal for constitution of Elephant Reserves in the West Khasi Hills District measuring 1331 sq kms has already been moved to the Government of India. This proposal has already been accepted by the Government of India in principle and its final concurrence/ notification is awaited shortly.

Under the guidelines of Project Elephant 60% on the funds earmarked under the Project Elephant scheme is being incurred in both these Elephant Reserves areas.