Extent of Forests

Meghalaya is richly endowed with the forest resources. According to State of Forest Report - 2001 published by the Forest Survey of India, extent of total forest cover in the State is 15,584 sq km which is 69.5 % of the total geographical area of the State. The following table gives break up of forest cover into dense and open forests which have been defined as forests having canopy density more than 40% and between 10-40% respectively. The scrub forests have canopy density less than 10%.

1 Dense Forest     5,681.00
2 Open Forest     9,903.00
3 Scrub        259.00
4 Non Forest     6,586.00
5 Total   22,429.00

  Cover map of Meghalaya

District wise forest Cover

Recorded Forest Area

Forest area notified under the Assam Forest (Regulation) Act and Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act in the state are given in the following table. Administrative control of these forests, which account for 4.4% of the total geographical area of the state, rests with the State Forest Department.

Notified Forests under the Control of State Forest Department

Serial Number Class of Forests Area (in Sq. Km.)
1 Reserved Forests 713.12
2 Protected Forests   12.39
3 National Parks (including proposed) 267.48
4 Wild life Sanctuaries 34.20
Total 1,027.19