Forest Resource Inventory

Growing Stock

Inventory Report of F.S.I. (1990) categorizes forests of Meghalaya into six types. Growing stock for each of the forest type which are defined as given below has been presented in the report. The six forest types with the definition as given below have been identified on the basis of predominance of economically important tree species.

Khasi Pine Forest - Forest where Khasi pine constitutes more than 50% of the stand.

Teak Forest - Forests in which Teak trees constitute more than 20% of the stand.

Sal Forests - Forests in which Sal trees constitute more than 20% of the stand.

Hardwood Mixed with Conifers - Forests where the Conifers and broad-leaved tree species occur in same proportion.

Upland hardwood - Forests above 1000m altitude with predominance of hardwood species.

Miscellaneous - Forests which do not belong to any of the above types.

Summary of growing stock for each of the forest type
Serial Number Forest Type Percentage
Area (%)
1 Khasi Pine Forest 10.91 50.45 228.06
2 Teak Forest 0.84 143.53 438.57
3 Sal Forest 3.76 94.60 297.78
4 Hardwood mixed with conifers 2.14 41.73 154.25
5 Upland hardwood 0.77 48.645 141.43
6 Miscellaneous Forest 81.59 109.30 205.60
Region wise growing stock and number of tree stems per unit area in the state
Serial Number Region Volume/Area
1 Khasi Hills 94.851 212.15
2 Jaintia Hills 133.72 254.31
3 Garo Hills 92.01 182.96

Total growing stock in the accessible tree forest area of the state is 81.98 million cum corresponding to 172.47 million stems.