Instructions for a Common man to visit any Parks / Sanctuary

The State of Meghalaya has two National Parks and three Sanctuaries. Any person interested to visit these Sanctuaries can approach the Office of Chief Wildlife Warden to obtain permission to enter the Protected Area. The general do’s and don’ts to be followed inside the Sanctuary areas are as follows:

  1. No person shall be allowed to enter in area carrying arms/ ammunition.
  2. No person shall be allowed to camp inside the core area or light up fire.
  3. No person shall be allowed to carry his own transport without permission from the Director of the Park.
  4. A fee of Rs. 25/ camera/ day for steel camera and Rs. 100/ camera /day for foreigners will have to be paid.
  5. A fee for use of video camera at the rate of Rs. 500/ camera/ day shall be charged for Indian tourists and Rs. 1000/ camera/ day for foreigners.
  6. Every person shall obtain a permit before entering the Protected Area.
  7. It shall be his duty to prevent the commission of any offence proscribed in the Wildlife Act.
  8. He shall not cause any damage to boundary mark or cause destruction to the flora/ fauna.