Eco-tourism is a responsible travel to natural destinations where flora, fauna and cultural heritage are primary attractions. It is a type of tourism where the environment, local community and visitor all benefit. The rolling mists in the valleys, the undulating hills, numerous lakes, waterfalls, caves, sacred forests, dense forests, breath-taking scenic beauty makes the State overwhelmingly beautiful and one of the most favoured tourist destinations in the country.
Eco-tourism spots in Meghalaya

Sl. No. Place District Distance
1 Rhododendron Trek, Shillong East Khasi Hills 5 km from Shillong
2 Elephanta Falls, Shillong 12 km from Shillong
3 Shillong View point, Shillong 15 km from Shillong
4 Riat Khwan RF, Mawiong, Shillong 5 km from Shillong
5 Umiam Lake 15 km from shilling
6 Lum Nehru Park 15 km from shillong
7 Thangkharang Park 90 km from Shillong
8 Double decker Living root bridge, Nongriat 65 kms from Shillong
9 Single decker Living root bridge, Mawlynnong 78 km Shillong
10 Mawsmai caves 62 km from Shillong
11 Sohra (Cherrapunjee)/Noh Ka Likai Falls/Seven Sister falls 56 km from Shillong
12 Lawba pitcher plant area 70 km from Shillong
13 Umngot River, Dwaki 82km from Shillong
14 Mawlynnong -Asia’s cleanest village 78 km Shillong
15 Mawmluh cave 1 km from sohra
16 Nongkhnum Island West Khasi Hills 15 km from Nongstoin
17 Ranikor River Beach South West Khasi Hills 122 km from Shillong
216 km from guwahati
18 Nongmahir Islands Ri-bhoi 44 km from Shillong
19 Birbah Lake Inside Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary
20 Lailad Salt lick Inside Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary
21 Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary, Lailad 79 km from Shillong
73 km from Guwahati
22 Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary, Umtasor 44 km from Shillong
23 Barapani 15 km from Shillong
24 Thadlaskien lake West Jaintia Hills 55 km from Shillong
25 Ialong Park 8 km from Jowai
26 Jarain pitcher plant area  
27 Nokrek National Park East Garo hills 45 km from Tura
28 Tura Peak West Garo hills 5 km from Tura
29 Pelga falls 7 kms from Tura
30 Balpakram National Park (Hatisia gate)   166 km from Tura
62 km from Baghmara
31 Baghmara Reserved Forests  
  • 327 km from Guwahati
  • 4 km from Baghmara town
32 Baghmara Pitcher Plant Sanctuary   105 kmfrom Tura
0 km  Baghmara
33 Siju bird sanctuary/ Siju Hanging Bridge/ Siju Cave/Geographical lake  
  • 216 km from Guwahati
  • 118 km from Tura
  • 37 km from Baghmara
  • 248 km from Shillong
34 Siju Plateau  
35 Rewak Hanging Bridge  
  • 132 Km from Tura
  • 24 km from Baghamara
36 Rewak Reserve Forest   30 km from Baghmara
37 Simsang beach    105 km from Tura
0 km from baghmara
38 Nengkong   14 km from Baghmara
39 Rongdong Falls   40 km from Baghmara
116 km from Tura
40 Siju-Rewak Elephant Corridor/Areteka/Rewak Village   126 km from Tura
30 km from Baghmara
41 Rewak-Arteka Village    
42 Da’bat Wari    
43 RongsuA’gal    
44 Warisruk Wari (along river Simsang)    
45 Alokpang Village   122 km from Tura
30 km from Baghmara
46 Dombe Wari (Dombeware) natural lake   148 km from Tura
37 km from Baghmara
47 Chitmang(Kailash) Peak    
48 Hanging Rock    
49 Do.bu lake at Damalgre South West Garo hills 35 km from Ampati

* Important Note: Entry to National Parks, Sanctuary and Reserved Forests restricted and allowed only after permission from concerned Forest officer.