Green India Mission

Apart from the NAP, Green India Mission is the other flagship scheme of the Social Forestry Wing. The Green India Mission in Meghalaya was constituted vide Govt. Notification No. ENV.I/2012/155  Dated 19th March, 2012 with the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & HoFF as the Chairman, Chief Conservator of Forest Social Forestry & Environment as Member Secretary and the others include the Director of Soil & Water Conservation, Director of Horticulture and the Chief Engineer Water Resources as members. The Government of Meghalaya, Forest and Environment Department created a GIM cell in the office of the PCCF & HoFF Meghalaya, chaired by the PCCF & HoFF and supported by the State FDA functioning in the Social Forestry and Environment Wing. The GIM Cell and the SFDA have completed identification of L1, L2 and L3 level landscapes for treatment under the mission based on parameters like the projected vulnerability of forests to climate change, status of forest cover and significant biodiversity/ecosystem value, etc.. The whole State has been identified as the Broad Landscape of Importance (L1 landscape) while 3 (three) Blocks (Betasing, Mawshynrut and Khliehriat) have been identified as the Operational Units (L2 landscapes). A perspective plan was prepared for 5 years (2017-18 to 2021-22) which included sub-mission on quality enhancement, ecosystem restoration and increase in forest cover, urban and peri-urban tree cover, agro-forestry, wetland restoration, and alternative to fuel-wood but no fund was sanctioned by MoEF  &  CC  during  the  year. Five (5)Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMC) under Betasing Block, 7 JFMCs under Mawshynrut Block and 6 JFMCs under Khliehriat Block are implementing the GIM activities at present. The MoEF & CC sanctioned and released an amount of Rs 89.70 lakhs as a bridge plan  for preparatory works during the year 2013-14. All the 18 JFMCs mentioned above have prepared Micro Plans at the L3 level. Compared to NAP, implementation of GIM in Meghalaya is still in its initial stage.

Approved Work Programme of MEGHALAYA State under Green India Mission (GIM) for 2013-14

Sl. No. Name of Landscape L2 Forest Area (ha) Other area in (ha) Area of landscape in ha. No. of landscape L2 level Total JFMCs/ Villages JFMC outreach Activities @ 0.2 lakh per JFMC Micro planning @ 0.25 per JFMC Landscape survey @ Rs. 6 lakh per landscapes EPA     @ 2.70 lakh per JFMCs Total
Scrub Forest Open Forest Mod. Dense Forest Dense Forest
1 Betasing 230 2040 710 110 430 3520 1 5 1.00 1.25 6.00 13.50 21.75
2. Mawshynrut 830 1030 2200 810 540 5410 1 7 1.40 1.75 6.00 18.90 28.05
3. Khliehriat 645 3250 1740 0 2260 7895 1 6 1.20 1.50 6.00 16.20 24.90
4. State GIM Cell and support at landscape   11.00
5. Workshops at State level   4.00
  Grand Total 1705 6320 4650 920 3230 16825 3 18 3.60 4.50 18.00 48.60 89.70