Forest Resources Survey Division


The main objective of the Division are Mapping and Inventorisation of the natural resources of State for utilization in planning and focusing towards scientific management and exploitation for the ultimate object of sustain yield. The data generated can be used to analyze the economic growth and development, the state of environment and for planning as well for formulation of policies that are conducive for conversation and management of forest and land resources.  
The Division also actively engaged in implementing the schemes/works under the Intensification of Forest Management, and also collection of field data like location of plantations, nurseries, beats, ranges, boundary of Reserve Forests, Protected Forests, National Parks and sanctuaries, macro level mapping and preparation of management plan, macro level survey and inventory of Sacred Groves in the different Districts with the main objectives to protect and conserve the Sacred Groves of the State.


1. The Division has undertaken  GPS mapping  of 125 Nos Sacred Groves located in the in the East Khasi Hills District, Jaintia Hills District, Ri Bhoi District South West Khasi Hills District and West Khasi Hills District of the State of Meghalaya.


  1. Out of 125 Sacred Groves, a detailed study and Estimation of Growing Stock on 20 nos. of Sacred Groves was completed and accordingly a book entitled as “Forest Inventory of Sacred Groves of Meghalaya” Vol -I was published.
  2. A study on Medicinal Plants of Meghalaya was also carried out  on the basis of which a book entitled as ‘Documentation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants’  was published in the year 2002.

During the year 2017-18, 15 nos. of the Sacred Groves have been taken up for estimation of growing stock and field work and data collection is completed. Presently, data analysis is going on and soon book will be published based on that as “Forest Inventory of Sacred Groves of Meghalaya” Vol-II.

Reimession Sacred Grove

Reimession Sacred Grove