Forest Nurseries

In order to facilitate raising of planting stock required under various schemes and for public distribution of seedlings , over the years most of Divisions, especially those in the Social Forestry & Territorial Circle have established permanent nurseries at various locations. Details of permanent nurseries available at various divisions are given below:-

Sl. No. Name of Division Location of Nursery
1 2 3
1 East Khasi Hills  &       Ri-Bhoi District Territorial Division, Shillong Riat Laban Forest Nursery- Shillong,
2 Jaintia Hills Territorial Division. Jowai Forest Colony Jowai, Thadlaskein, Saitsama, Saphai, Saipung, Saiha, Wahkoh, Apha, Kynjlat & Jaliakhola
3 East Khasi Hills Social Forestry Division, Shillong Forest Colony Polo – Shillong
4 West Khasi Hills & South West Khasi Hills  Territorial & Social Forestry Division, Nongstoin Mawaiban-Nongstoin.
5 Ri-Bhoi District  Social Forestry Division Nongpoh Lad Umroi- Umiam (1.00 ha.), Pahamsyiem (1.00 ha.), Ioosohksang (1.00 ha.) & Umsiang (1.00 ha.)
6 Jaintia Hills Social Forestry Division, Jowai Jowai (0.5574 ha.), Khliehriat (o.30 ha.), Namdong (0.40 ha.), Shangpung (0.75 ha.) & Amlarem (0.20 ha.)
7 East Garo Hills Social Forestry Division, Williamnagar Williamnagar (2.00 ha.), Darugiri (100 sqm.), Bajengdoba (100 sqm) & Kharkutta (100 sqm)
8 Khasi Hills Wildlife Division, Shillong Internal Nursery of Lady Hydari park

In the recent past significant progress has been made in the field of nursery technology. Improved nursery practices developed by various researchers and field functionaries over the years can play significant role in enhancing the quality of planting stock raised in nurseries, which in turn can greatly help in increasing productivity of various forestry interventions. However, such improved nursery practices are yet to fully percolate to the departmental nurseries having skeletal infrastructure. Root trainer and compost production techniques, both aerobic as vermi-compost, which are highly appropriate for the state having steep hilly terrain and abundant availability of green biomass are required in the departmental nurseries.

The Department has set up Hi-Tech nurseries at Umdiker and Williamnagar

Umdiker Hi-Tech Nursery

The Umdiker Hi-Tech Nursery was established during the year 2011. It covers an area of 4.5 Hectare. The nursery consists of 3(Three) agro net houses which can accommodate about 50,000 numbers of seedlings each. It consists of one germination chamber, one mist chamber and a vermin-composting unit. It is located at Umdiker village, Ri- Bhoi district which is about 45Km from the district Headquarter and 15Km from Umsning.
The Nursery is under the Jurisdiction of the Divisional Forest Officer, Social Forestry Division, Nongpoh and incharge by the Range Forest Officer of Umsning range. The seedlings raised are to meet the demands and cater to the needs of the people and the state as a whole. The List of species available and their rates is as follows:

List of Species available at Umdiker Hi-Tech Nursery

Sl. No. Botanical Name Common/Local Name Quantity(nos) Rate(Rs.) Remarks
Public Organisatons/Departments
1. Grewellia robusta Silver oak 3,00 2/- 10/- All
in stock  
2 Thuja Compacta Thuja 30 2/- 10/-
3 Lagestromia
- 1,000 2/- 10/-
4 Delonix regia Gulmohar 4,00 2/- 10/-
5 P.pendula Ashok 5,00 2/- 10/-
6 Bamboo species Siej 1,500 2/- 8/-
7 Assam lemon - 3,00 2/- 10/-
8 Casia fistula Sonaru 7,00 2/- 10/-
9 Polyalthia longifolia Ashok 5,00 2/- 10/-
10 Aegle Marmelos Bael/Sohbel 2,000 2/- 10/-
11 Michelia champaca Diengrai 1,200 2/- 8/-
12 Chukrassia tabularis Sali 5,000 2/- 8/-
13. Cryptomeria
Kseh Bilat 3,000 2/- 8/-
14. Callistemon
Bottle Brush 8,00 2/- 10/-

Umdiker Hi-Tech Nursery

Umdiker Net House

Mist Chambers in Hi-Tech Nursery

Mist Chambers in Hi-Tech Nursery

Nursery at Sohra

Nursery  at  Sohra