Forest Administration

The Forest Department has been compartmented into four Circles/Wings based on jurisdiction and nature of activities.  They are the Territorial Circle, the Wildlife Circle, the Social Forestry and Environment Circle and the Climate Change, Research and Training Circle.

Territorial Wing

Its primary activities are enforcement of various Forest Regulations and Rules, protection of the Reserved/Protected Forests, granting mining leases/quarry permits for minor minerals under Meghalaya Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 2016 collection of Forest Revenue and regulation of Wood Based Industries.

The Territorial Wing is headed by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Territorial).  He is assisted by the Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (T), Chief Conservator of Forests (T) and two supervisory level officers viz., Conservator of Forests (T), Shillong and Conservator of Forests (T), Tura, who supervises and control officers in the rank of Divisional Forest Officers in-charge of Territorial Divisions. There are 6 (Six) Territorial Divisions viz.,

Division Jurisdiction Contact details
East Khasi Hills & Ri-Bhoi Territorial Division, Shillong East Khasi Hills District and   Ri-Bhoi District 0364-2226375
Jaintia Hills Territorial Division, Jowai East Jaintia Hills  and West Jaintia Hills Districts 03652-223709
West and South West Garo Hills Territorial Division, Tura West and South West Garo Hills Districts 03651-223850
East & North Garo Hills Territorial Division, Williamnagar East Garo Hills District and North Garo Hills Districts  
South Garo Hills Territorial and Social Forestry Division, Baghmara South Garo hills District  
West and South West Khasi Hills Territorial and Social Forestry Division, Nongstoin West Khasi hills District  and South West Khasi Hills District 9436998562

The major activities being undertaken by the Territorial Circle are as follows:-

  1. Protection of Reserved and Protected Forests from biotic and abiotic pressure.
  2. Management of RF/PFs as per approved Working Plans
  3. Creation of Plantations within RFs and PFs.
  4. Maintenance of  forest nurseries to meet demand of seedlings from public.
  5. Implementation of Acts and Rules Viz.  Meghalaya Forest Regulation Act, 1973;Meghalaya Tree Preservation Act, 1976; Meghalaya Forest (Removal of Timber) Regulation Act, 1981; Forest Conservation Act,1980;Meghalaya Tree Felling (Non ForestArea) Rules,2006; Meghalaya Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 2016etc.
  6. Implementation of the Orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and National Green Tribunal in matters related with the conservation of forests and environment.
  7. Regulation of felling of trees in private and community forests as per approved working schemes.
  8. Granting mining leases/quarry permits under Meghalaya Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 2016 in respect of minor mineral specified in Schedule III.
  9. Regulation of establishment and working of wood based industries Viz. Saw mills, Furniture units and Timber Depot.
  10. Issuing NOC/Non-forest certificate for projects, mining, Roads, constructions, stone crusher, furniture units, extraction of minor minerals and various projects
  11. Processing project proposals for diversion of forest land under FC Act, 1980.
  12. Regulation and control of transit of forest produces within and outsidethe State.
  13. Regulation of functioning of Ferro-alloy industriesas per Meghalaya Charcoal Rules, 2006.
  14. Collection of Forest Royalty and Transit Fee from forest produce/ minor minerals.
  15. Co-ordinating with District Administration/Police for smooth administration of Forest Laws especially illicit felling of trees and closure of illegal saw-mills.
  16. Processing of Forest Offence Reports to Judiciary for issue of process.
  17. Dealingwith court cases on matters related to forest protection e.g. cases against illegal felling, cases against illegal saw mills, cases against encroachment etc.
  18. Facilitating clearing wind fallen trees on road to ease the traffic jam and facilitating cutting of dangerous trees in Government offices and Government land

Reserved & Protected Forest

forest reserved

List of Reserved Forests in Meghaya

Jurisdiction District Name of RF Area ( Gazette Notification
East Khasi Hills & Ri-Bhoi District, Shillong 
 Ri-Bhoi Nongkhyllem R.F. 125.91 No. 4692 F of 23.7.1909 & 864 G. J of 4.2.1939.
A part of Nongkhyllem R.F. comprising an  area of 29.00 Sq. Km has been notified as Nongkhyllem WLS vide No.FOR.25/81/5,Dt.25-3-1981
Umsaw R.F. 0.44 No. G.F.R. 234/46/3 of 16.12.1946
East Khasi Hills Riatkhwan R.F. 3.91 No.  806 R of 5.3.1892 & 4287 R of 1.9.1892
Shyrwat R.F 0.44 No. FOR.179/80/187 of 28.3.1988
Riat Laban R.F. 2.05 No. FOR 179/80/183 of 28.3.1988
Jaintia Hills, Jowai
East Jaintia Hills Saipung R.F. 150.35 No. 26/7/1876 and 5 of 17.10.187
Narpuh R.F Block I 62.42 No. 3978 F of 17.6.1909
NarpuhR.F  Block  II 98.68 No. 1106 R of 9.3.1918.
A part of Narpuh R.F Bl. II comprising an area of 59.90 has been notified as Narpuh WLS vide No.FOR.128/2012/20,Dt.10-06-2014
West Khasi Hills Social Forestry & Territorial Division, Nongstoin
West Khasi Hills Nongumiang RF. 0.31 FOR.118/92/124 dated 08.09.2003.
West & South West Garo Hills Territorial Division, Tura
West Garo Hills Dibru Hills R.F. 15.02
No. 28 dt.19.6.1883 & 3526 R of 10.12.1930
Tura peak R.F 4.19 No. FOR.10/75/32 dt 23.6.1982
East and North Garo Hills (T) Division, Williamnagar
  East Garo Hills Songsak R.F. 23.31 No. 29 of 1.10.1885 & 3583 R of 5.9.1902
Rongrenggiri R.F. 36.26 No. 28 of 19.6.1883 & 375 R of 29.1.1932
Darugiri R.F. 10.36 Number 28 of 19.6.1883 & 373 R of 29.1.1932 
    Dambu R.F. 18.13 No. 22 of 12.3.1880 & 4276 R of 14.10.1962
  North  Garo Hills Chimabangshi R.F. 23.28 No. 28, dt 19.6.1883 & FOR/Sectt/492/63/4 dt 22.12.1965
Rajasimla R.F. 18.13 No. 28 of 19.6.1883 & 665 R of 15.2.1899
Ildek R.F. 2.59 No. 28 of 19.6.1883
Dhima R.F. 20.72 No. 28 of 19.6.1883 & 3715 R of 11.8.1904
Dilma R.F. 2.59 No. 28 of 19.6.1883
South Garo Hills Social Forestry and Territorial Division, Baghmara
South Garo Hills Baghmara R.F. 43.91 No. 12 dt 24.2.1887
Angratoli R.F. 30.11 No. 3 dt 7.11.1883 & 2478 R of 15.6.1915
Rewak R.F. 6.47 No. 44 dt. 7.11.1883 & 1699 R of 26.7.1932
Emangiri R.F. 8.29 No. 44 dt. 7.11.1883 & 1699 R of 26.7.1932
Siju R.F. 5.18 No. 44 dt. 7.11.1883 & 1699 R of 26.7.1932
    Gittingiri R.F 2.40 No. FOR.118/92/125  dt. 08.09.2003
Total 626.55  

Protected Forests in Meghalaya

Jurisdiction District Name of P.F Area (
East Khasi Hills & Ri-Bhoi District, Shillong
East Khasi hills Upper Shillong P.F 7.66
Short Round P.F 1.13
LaitkorP.F 3.25
Green Block No.2 0.21
UmkhutiP.F 0.14
Total 12.39

Non Forest Land transferred to the Forest Department for raising Compensatory Afforestation  and exchanged lands

Name of User Agency Name of project Area (ha) Location
Meghalaya State Electricity Board/MeECL Diversion of 99.00 ha forest land for Myntdu (Leshka) Hydro Project in Jaintia Hills 106.28 Umdiker, Ri Bhoi District
MeCL Exchange land against 24.28 ha of land handed over for stage IV Hydel project 23.48 Nongmahir  Road Ri Bhoi District
  15.78 Island
MeCL Exchange against proposal for 132 KV transmission line from stage IV power station to Sarusajai 3.5 Fisheries site, NongmahirRi Bhoi District
M/s Star Cement Non-Forest land transferred to the Department for compensatory afforestation under FC Act 1980 4.82 Moulhoi, East Jaintia Hills
M/s AdhunikCement Ltd. -Do- 154.888 Moulhoi, East Jaintia Hills
Total 308  

Parks & Gardens under The Control of Forest Department

District Name & Location Area (Ha) Jurisdiction
East Khasi hills Children Park, Fire Brigade,Shillong 0.14 DFO (T)
East Khasi Hills & Ri-Bhoi District, Shillong 
Polo park, Polo,Shillong 0.26
Rose Garden near Lady Hydari Park, Shillong 0.18
Botanical Garden Shillong 1.4
Nongpoh Park 0.11
Lady Hydari Park, Shillong 3.53 DFO, Khasi Hills Wildlife Division, Shillong
Lum Nehru Park, Umiam lake 9.10
Ward’s Lake, Shillong 6.28 DFO, Social Forestry Division, EKH, Shillong
Thangkharang Park 5.5
Ri-Bhoi Proposed State Zoo, Ri-bhoi 72.5 DFO, Khasi Hills Wildlife Division, Shillong
Botanical Garden, Lumsopetbneng 144.48 DFO, Silviculture Division Shillong
West Garo hills Nehru Park cum Mini Zoo, Tura 13.4 DFO, Garo Hills Wildlife Division, Tura
Botanical Garden, Tura 3.71 DFO (T), Tura
Memorial Park 17  West Garo Hills Social Forestry Division, Tura
East Garo Hills Williamnagar Children’s park 4.80 East Garo Hills Social Forestry Division, Williamnagar
Botanical Garden 13
Total 295.39  

Forest area under direct control of Forests & Environment Department

Particular Area (
Reserved Forests 626.55
Protected Forests 12.39
National Parks (including proposed) 399.48
Wildlife Sanctuary (including proposed) 100.74
Non-Forest Land transferred to the Department and Exchanged lands 3.08
Parks and Gardens 2.95
Total 1145.19