Permission to fell Trees in Shillong under MTPA 1976

Regulation of felling of trees in Shillong town under the Meghalaya Tree (Preservation) Act 1976

State enacted the Meghalaya Tree (Preservation) Act 1976  To regulate the felling of trees in Shillong with the aim to protect catchment area, prevent soil erosion and to preserve special character of hilly  areas as regard landscape, vegetal cover and climate

All the persons, institutes, organization and Government offices should obtain permission from Divisional Forest Officer East Khasi hills & Ri-Bhoi District  (Territorial) Division under the Meghalaya Tree (Preservation) Act 1976 to fell the trees grown within their premises in Shillong The Meghalaya Tree (Preservation) Act 1976 was enacted to regulate felling of trees in Shillong for the purposes of protecting catchment areas and soil form erosion and to preserve special characteristic of the hilly areas. The Meghalaya Tree (Preservation) Act 1976 is applicable to all the areas within 10 kms radius from the District Council Court Shillong. The application form for permission to fell trees along with 15 Rs court stamp fee affixed may be submitted to DFO. Felling, Burning, Cutting, uprooting of any trees or permitted any tree to be felled, burned, out or otherwise within the areas to which the act extends, except permission in writing from the competent authority is a punishable offence under the aforesaid act.
The permission shall not be refused if tree is dead, diseased, over matured wind fallen, has become dangerous to life and property or if it necessary for the purpose of prevention or abating nuisance.

Any person who felled trees without obtaining permission shall be liable on conviction before magistrate to a fine not exceeding `1000  and Magistrate may further order for forfeiture of trees felled and also tools used in felling. The permission to fell the trees shall be granted subjected to the condition of planting the ten times the number of trees felled by applicant.

Any Forest Officer not below the rank of a Range Officer and Police Officer not below the rank of Sub-Inspector may enter upon any land, where he has reason to believe that any tree has been or is being felled, in contravention of Section 3 and Seize such felled trees or any lopping thereof, together with its produce, tools, implements and other articles used in committing such contravention and shall make a report of such seizure to the Divisional Forest Officer

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