Climate Change

  1. North eastern region is expected to be highly prone to consequences of climate change due to its geo-ecological fragility.
  2. There are several evidences to suggest that there is already the beginning of climate change process which is reflected in erratic weather, abrupt rising temperature, deficiency in rainfall, humidity variation and increase unpredictability of weather.
  3. The number of hot days and hot nights show an increasing trend while that of cold days and cold nights shows declining trend in Meghalaya.
  4. The changing climate in Meghalaya would have wide spread implication for agriculture, water resources, forest, biodiversity human and animal health.
  5. In the state where agriculture is a predominantly rain fed and variation and unpredictability leading to farmers insecurity.
  6. Meghalaya State Council on Climate Change & Sustainable Deployment as well as a Steering Committee have been constituted to coordinate State Action Plan for assessment, adaption and mitigation of Climate Change.
  7. State Action Plan on Climate Change has been approved by MOEF & CC.
  8. Forests are the sink for carbon dioxide and plays important role in mitigating global warming.
  9. One of the goals of the Forest Department is to mitigate the impact of global warming and to ensure the stability of the fragile eco-system by protecting and maintaining forest and tree cover in the State.
  10. The State has progressed towards securing and protecting community forests and sacred groves by notifying into Community reserves under the Provisions of Wild life (Protection) Act, 1972 which will help ij mitigating impact of global warming.
  11. People and local traditional institutions are increasingly involved in protection and management of their forests through mechanism of Joint Forest Management.