Climate Change, Research & Training Wing

Organization Structure
The Climate Change, Research and Training wing is headed by an Officer of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests rank. He is assisted by Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (CC, R&T) and Conservator of Forests (CC, R&T) who will supervise and control five Divisional Forest Officers under the Wing as follows :

  • DFO (Silviculture)
  • DFO (Working Plan)
  • DFO (Training)
  • DFO (Forest Resources Survey)
  • DFO (Forest Utilization)


  • Planning, organization and execution of research on various aspects of forestry sector including publication of findings thereof.
  • Imparting training to the executive field staff of the department.
  • Preparation of working plans for the Reserved forests, Protected forests & Green blocks etc. falling of the State Forest Department.
  • Preparation of working scheme for the community or privately owned forest areas outside the control of the State Forest Department..
  • Establishment and maintenance of various education, extension & demonstration centres like arboretum, botanical gardens etc.
  • Survey and inventorization of the forestry resources available in the state.
  • The main areas of Forestry research in the State include:

Enhancement of forest productivity

        • Tree improvement programme
        • Standardizing advance nursery practices
        • Seed Technology

        Forest protection

        • Pathological diseases
        • Entomological diseases
        • Invasive species

        In-situ & Ex-situ conservation of floral species

        • Rare, Threatened and Endangered species
        • Medicinal plants
        • Orchids
        • Nepenthes Khasiana
        • Bamboos

         Tissue Culture

  • Training in advanced nursery practices